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Company Presentation 

Kissed by the Florida sun, in the tourist center of Hollywood, there is the local Gioia Eat: a 100% Italian pizzeria that offers high quality products. 
The restaurant, inaugurated in 2020, was born from an idea of ​​Massimiliano Stamerra, an award-winning pizza chef with over 30 years of experience behind him. Stamerra, founding member of the Italian pizza academy in America, during his long career, won 21 world gold medals, was 5 times world freestyle champion, 2 times gluten free pizza champion, 1 time pizza in shovel by the meter and 1 time champion of classic pizza.
His pizzas are made with indirect dough with biga 48 hours of leavening. The flour used is the Italian type 00, while the biga is made with 5 seasons flour. The products used for the toppings are all 100% of Italian origin. Since 2006 Stamerra has specialized in gluten-free dough and has created its own brand. 
The restaurant is furnished in a rustic/modern style with prints or writings on the walls containing information on the products, the grain of wheat and the chariot. There are 73 seats inside, around 80 outside, facing onto a large outdoor car park. 
During the stop at Gioia Eat, the customer can also watch the freestyle shows.