• Best Pizza in Hollywood, FL

    Best Pizza in Hollywood, FL

    Italian Pizza in Hollywood, FL

  • Best Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL

    Italian Seafood to die for

  • Best Italian Desserts in Hollywood, FL

    Amazing Desserts.

  • Full liquor and wide wine list

    Wide Wine Selection list.

Welcome to GIOIA

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Best Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, FL



FROM 11:30AM TO 11:30PM

We did it again—a new concept of a restaurant. Quality ingredients and conscious food preparation come before profit, inspired by those who cherish the idea that anything is possible.

Tasteful Italian Restaurant, seafood to die for, and traditional but also Italian Pizza Restaurant.

We put together a team of chefs to create food for every taste and everyone, food maniacs, vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, ketogenic, and dairy intolerants.
We have it all!

Massimiliano Stamerra.
World Renowned Pizza Chef
and 20 times awarded Pizza World Champion!


We started personally delivering locally within a 5 miles radius of the Restaurant. $5 + TIP

Free Delivery for the Radius Condo

CALL (954) 929-7575

Gioia Eat Restaurant & Pizzeria Launches Local Delivery with Flooding-Proof Jeep Wranglers

Enjoy your favorite Italian dishes and pizzas in any weather condition!

Gioia Eat Restaurant & Pizzeria, the beloved Italian eatery known for its authentic dishes and mouth-watering pizzas, has just announced the launch of its very own local delivery service. The restaurant will now cater to customers located within a 5-mile radius, making it easier than ever for patrons to enjoy their favorite meals in the comfort of their own homes.

What sets Gioia Eat’s delivery service apart from the rest is the use of flooding-proof Jeep Wranglers as the primary mode of transportation. With these rugged, off-road vehicles, the restaurant can ensure that its customers receive their orders on time, regardless of the weather conditions.

The decision to use Jeep Wranglers for delivery comes after a series of floods and heavy rains in the area, which caused delays and disruptions for many delivery services. Gioia Eat’s management recognized the need to offer a reliable solution for its customers, leading to the investment in these all-weather vehicles.

In addition to the Jeep Wranglers, Gioia Eat has also trained its delivery staff to navigate safely through challenging weather conditions, ensuring a prompt and seamless delivery experience. This innovative approach allows the restaurant to maintain the high-quality customer service it is renowned for, even during the most inclement weather.

Gioia Eat Restaurant & Pizzeria has always been dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience, and this new delivery service further exemplifies their commitment to going above and beyond for their customers. With the launch of this new delivery service, customers can enjoy their favorite Italian dishes and pizzas without having to worry about the weather or traffic, making it the perfect option for those cozy nights in.

To place an order for delivery, simply visit the Gioia Eat Restaurant & Pizzeria website or call the restaurant directly at (954) 929-7575. The next time you’re craving a delicious, authentic Italian meal or a perfectly baked pizza, let Gioia Eat bring the taste of Italy straight to your doorstep with their reliable, flooding-proof Jeep Wrangler delivery service.


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Order online with sauce.

Our Mission is to Provide Guests with the Most Authentic Italian Restaurant and Italian Pizza Experience Outside of Italy. Make a Reservation or Order “To Go” Online.

Taste the authentic Italian Restaurant and the best Italian Pizza at GIOIAeat!

We did it again!

Our World Champion Pizza Chef is always studying new dough ingredients to satisfy the need of different dietary regimes or intolerances, and to offer a tasteful pizza alternative.

The Gluten-Free pizza!

All the taste of an original pizza, without the gluten! 

How is made: an authentic Italian Pizza!

Italian pizza is served as a full pie. A handmade sauce produced from recently peeled tomatoes and a combination of savory, enhancing herbs is a staple of authentic Italian pizza. Authentic Italian pizza does not combine the toppings and sauce to be cooked together, as you will also notice. The sauce is merely spread along the crust.



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GIOIA EAT HOLLYWOOD. FL is the latest addition of the network of Capri New Style restaurants.

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